Christmas in New York

9:21 PM

Christmas day was one of the best days of my life. I didn’t think Alex had picked up on any hints on what I wanted for Christmas but he surprised me with exactly what I wanted. We woke up early to do one of my favorite things when we travel. I love walking through neighborhoods, meeting the city, enjoying life with my love, and taking pictures to save the memories. We walked through Fifth Avenue inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was amazing especially because there weren’t many people out and the weather was lovely.

For breakfast, we went to one of my dream hotels, the one and only Plaza Hotel. To die for. Seriously one of my favorite meals of my entire life. I had a bowl of seasonal berries which were delicious.  They tasted organic (yes, I can tell) and amazing. Then I had potatoes and a classic New York bagel. I felt like I was in Heaven’s waiting room because it was amazing but I know Heaven will be a million times better. If you know me, you know I love tea. The tea at the Palm Court was wonderful. I cannot wait to go back for Tea Hour and to stay at the Plaza Hotel. By the way, if you want to stay at the Plaza Hotel during the holidays, then we recommend that you reserve rooms months in advance like almost a year in advance. You don’t have to make reservations for the Palm Court on Christmas day. I cannot get enough of the Plaza Hotel. It’s iconic, timeless, and legendary. 

Then we headed to Central Park to walk through the Mall, Bethesda fountain, and Bow Bridge. We had lunch and headed to Radio City Music Hall. Yes, RADIO CITY to see the world famous Rocketts!!! The last time I came to New York, I took a picture outside of Radio City and said I’m gonna go there next time I come. The Rockettes were incredible. Then we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. This is a must for anyone coming to the Big Apple. The waiters/waitress are current, past, and/or aspiring Broadway performers. They wait tables, serve drinks, bus tables all while performing. You’d think the food would be mediocre but it was delicious. You get a show and good food! 


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