Christmas Eve in NYC

6:20 PM

I love Christmas and I have a separate bucket list items for Christmas. One of them is to spend Christmas in New York City. On our first Christmas as a married couple, Alex and I decide to do just that.

On Christmas Eve, it was a warm and humid 70 degrees. Such unexpected weather for the Northeast area of the country during winter! We started our day at the Met! The Metropolitan Museum houses art from different time periods, parts of the world, and beautiful architecture. It is donation based which means that someone will ask what you want to donate. After visiting the Met, Alex and I were hungry and stopped at street food vendor to eat. Honestly, the food was really good. I know everyone says to get a hot dog in New York but I wouldn’t if I were you because they smell gross.

After getting some energy we headed over to Serendipity which was quite an interesting experience. The waiting line is ridiculous and their reservation policies are strict. For example, you can only make reservations for food not deserts an there is a minimum per person. We had the frozen hot chocolate, which I loved, but Alex thought it was comparable to a Wendy’s. Then we did some last minute shopping at Bergdorf’s. We had a lovely stroll through Central Park and went to Washington Square Park. For dinner, we headed to the one place we knew would be open……… Times Square and it did not disappoint.

We stayed at the Bellaclaire in Upper West Side. I highly recommend this adorable and wonderful hotel to anyone staying in NYC. It has an older charm but modern amenities. Our room was spacious especially for New York City. The staff was attentive, sweet, and helpful. I would love to stay here again. I love staying in hotels, but I have to admit that  I am picky and Bellaclaire was amazing. 

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