Reflecting on year 2015

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I CANNOT believe the year 2015 has come to an end. 2015 for me has been the absolutely amazing and extremely challenging: I traveled to incredible places, spent time with people I care about, had two weddings lol,  survived the hardest semester of graduate school (update here), lost someone that I loved dearly, moved in with my husband, and got a puppy (post here). There were so many moments this year that I said to ask myself, is this real?!? Too many to count. Travel posts here.

Alex and I were dating for many years and by the time we were engaged we just wanted to be married and not necessarily have an extravagant wedding.  In fact, we were planning on eloping to San Francisco. After discussing this plan with our families and hearing their concerns, we decided to have a wedding here in Texas for them. Alex and I found the perfect place. The chapel was traditional and there was an adjacent reception room. Not only that, but the place had a special sentimental meaning for Alex and me. After months of planning, we found out that we could not use it for our wedding. It was so discouraging and made the wedding planning process so devastating. We took a break, because we were so disappointed. We didn’t find anything we liked and we didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on something we didn't like in the beginning. However, God blessed us and we were able to get way more than both of us could have imagined. I remember during our first dance, I thought – is this real? We both couldn’t believe this was happening. I got more than I ever thought I would.  Wedding pictures here.

Alex and I were able to enjoy our Honeymoon in the Dominic Republic (post here). The beaches were insanely beautiful. I felt like I had stepped into a Corona beer commercial- the ones with white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. The beaches were so beautiful that I couldn't believe I was really there and experiencing it all. Honeymoon post.

This past spring semester was the hardest semester of my life. I was working full time, taking two graduate classes that were both very work intensive, planning two weddings, grieving over the loss of someone dear to my heart, working on research projects – what was I thinking!!?? For nearly two months, I would get three to four hours of sleep. I had so much to do and being a perfectionist made things very stressful. Luckily, God placed people in my life to help me. I had three amazing students who literally took care of me at school (helped me grade, enter grades, clean my room, cheer me up, bring me food, one even subbed for me). I also had amazing bridesmaids – who made lesson plans, went on different adventures, and helped me in so many ways. My mom was my ride or die for sure. She went with me pretty much everywhere. While this was an extremely stressful time, I was able to spend time with my friends as they were helping us celebrate our union.

This year, I lost my grandmother. As I write this, my heart is beating faster and I have a horrible feeling in my stomach. I literally do not want to see that sentence. My grandmother meant the world to me. She was loving and for many summers my siblings and I spent the summer with her like the entire summer. She never lost her patience with four kids. She loved us and cared for us. She embodied Christ’s love, she never talked down to anyone or about anyone. Everything she said was God centered. I don’t think I have fully processed her passing. At her funeral service, I could not believe this was happening. Through all this pain, God was present. I somehow had energy even though I slept around eight hours in the course of three days. God made it possible for us to attend her funeral. God made it possible for my grandmother not to suffer. And I know that because of what God did for us on the cross, I WILL see my grandmother again. I will be able to hug her and hear her laugh again. This hope is only possible through the blood and redeeming power of Christ. 

For 2016, I pray that God will be present because I know that there will be good and bad times. But, if I have God, then I know He will never abandon me, He will give me grace, provide during hardships, comfort me, challenge me, strengthen me, and love me. I pray for you reading this that you may also have the same assurance  I have in our Lord. And if you do not, please send us an email to We can keep it confidential. We’d love to chat with you.

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